Sunday, April 01, 2012

Man of the Mountains - Finished

A nice little bust if I do say so myself!  Actually, it's not that small....14 1/2" with the base.  Really like the red capote and I tried something different this time on the feathers.  To duplicate some fluff on the eagle plumage I used some acrylic modeling past and then dabbed it to create some texture.  Works pretty good.  Anyway, hope you like him and your comments are always appreciated.  More photos in the gallery.


  1. Absolutely love that paint job and the feather treatment is a really nice touch.


  2. Lynn,

    Looks just like a mountain man ready to blaze a new trail after them furs. Love the red capote.
    Great job!

  3. Absolutely wonderful. What a visual feast. I agree that the larger scale adds a new dimension of detail. So now lets ask the ultimate question. Since your work improves in impact with increasing size, and since this fall you have the museum show coming up...have you given any thought to the ultimate Lynn Doughty carving...a life-sized Indian standing there in full war bonnet (sown to the floor) with a tomahawk and spear in hand? That would indeed make an impression for sure. I was visualizing such a piece in my mind..and now my mind is blown. A lot of work, a lot of wood, and it would need a lot of talent....I know you are the man for the job. Just curious. Great mountain man, can't wait to see what you come u with next.

  4. Ahhhhh! Us poor folks who cannot get to see your carvings in person! All I can do is cry:( But, Thank you for sharing your knowledge, time and talent with us Lynn and Judy. I thought your samleer pieces were phenomonal but with the larger size, they just keep getting better and better. I also think the mountain man was one item that makes it special and unique. Jim

  5. Looks good! The colors and expression really draw you in, has an "old" look that is so real. I heard you were going to be the featured artist at the Northwest Arkansas show in September! I'm hoping work will let me attend War Eagle, but if not, I'll reaaally have to try and make it up to see you and your work again! Excited to hear you will be there and I bet Charlie is also!

  6. Such a great piece. Beautiful Lynn. A real headturner. fred k

  7. Hi Lynn;

    Boy I go away for a little while and the kids start fightin' at the dinner table. This latest is a real eyeful and pleasant to say the least.

    As for "Chip" - As I work with mentally challenged people for a living . . . I know there is medication that can fix him up.

    Cheers Larry