Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Buffalo Soldier–Part 16

We finish up the Carbine and the hand.


  1. Nearing the home stretch on the carving. Good adaptation on the carbine, it looks totally natural and the splice is invisible. You sure cross a lot of trades to make your carvings..wood carver, metal-smith, painter, joiner...a lot of different talents involved in your pieces. I can barely carve wood, Oh to have those other talents as well. I guess I will have to pick and chose , and adapt patterns to fit my talents until they develop further..a lot further. I am still looking for a viable substitute for experience, but the search thus far is futile. Great job by Judy on keeping the carbine in the picture as you rotated it all over the table to show no seam...she is really getting good on that camera. She is about ready for a documentary of her own I think. Who does the video editing and what program do you use? Really great job on the technical production of the videos as compared to the earliest series. Thanks so much.

  2. Awesome detail Lynn. Looking forward to seeing it painted..