Wednesday, May 02, 2012

One Job Old Reliable Can't Do!

If you're wondering why the posts have been slow lately it's because we've been busy taking down diseased trees around the homestead.  This was a monster red oak that the ants got to that was leaning out over the highway.  With the very hot summer we had last year and the unseasonably warm winter that stress along with the insects was just too much for a lot of the old fellas that we have on the place.

And no.....that's not me up there!  I may be a little crazy but I'm not that crazy!


  1. Home maintenance takes a ton of time, and with acreage it just expands exponentially. Hope you get the trimming all done, then you are going to turn the oaks into carvings...right? Imagine the impact of a life size carving out of that oak..would dominate the museum show. Seriously, hope you get the place cleaned up and back to carving smaller hunks of wood soon. Be careful,

  2. Too bad that's not a linden tree!

  3. Lynn, thank God that's not you, I have a friend about my age, #$, and he broke about everything he has when a tree he was cutting swung back and hit him.......