Monday, February 20, 2012


Here's my new pal Montana!  He's from Charlie Russell country and I used Charlie's paintings as a guide to both carve and paint him.  I took a little liberty in photographing him so if you want to see him in color just go to the album in the Gallery.

Hope you like him and your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Another super carving for your museum exhibit.....and for us to peruse your style & technique.

  2. Lots of great details on this guy. Those woolly chaps add a lot of texture to the carving. The paint as always is fantastic, and the carving is crisply done with great precision. You didn't give his dimensions, but I assume he is on the larger size of your usual range and should again be a piece of great visual interest. Good job.

  3. Hi Lynn,

    This is just amazing, an absolute cracker.

    I have seen the full colour version but your artistic licence with the black and white image is just stunning, such expression is the gift of a master carver imho.

    Great work.