Monday, February 20, 2012

Buffalo Soldier–Part 5

Well, it’s hair and a hat trick for this segment. 


  1. I would never have imagined the size of the block of wood (although it is more like a whole tree) that you would use to make that thin hat. I can get 4 carvings out of a block that size...although I confess they don't look anything like the ones you make. You must have quite a sizable wood budget for the year, although you do sell carvings and thus recoup the investment. It was quite an experience to see all that basswood fly off the block and that hat to appear in it's place. Interesting video for sure.

  2. I was so nervous when you where thinning the brim....I was thinking yu were going to knock a big piece off. I'm glad you did not...Anxiously waiting for the next video.