Friday, February 17, 2012

Buffalo Soldier–Part 4

Opps!   Only the last 6 minutes were originally posted!  Sorry!  Still trying to figure out all these new changes.   Here is the complete version.   Still a MPEG4.

This video segment was uploaded using MPEG4 vs. the AVI format I was using earlier.  For some reason the new computer dropped the DVIX compression option from my video program.  Anyway, I hope it works for you okay.  Although I hate to ask, let me know if there is any problem.


  1. the video worked fine for me. Glad to see you got your new computer up and functional, I ate to start over on a new one, takes forever to get it setup just like you want it, and then even longer to get everything loaded on it that you want or need. Notto mention there is always a different version of windows on a new computer.. never better, just different. Let's carve this soldier.

  2. No problems on my end with the video - came through just like always. Glad you are back up and running.


  3. Got fine.
    If and when you get a chance, see if you can change the "please prove you're not a robot" format that we have type to post a message. Hard to read them squiggly words.

  4. No problen here. Sorry about your comput problems. Glad you are back up and running . Ginny

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