Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Iron Buffalo

Not only is the carving part of this project finished but he also received his name.  I picked it as the rock he mounted on is full of some kind of metal as it totally destroyed a Fordom bit when I leveled the areas of the rock where he's standing.  Sparks were flying.

I'm really satisfied with this one as once he's painted I think he will be a classic and an example of my best work.  And you'right....that skull really sets the piece off.  Will have to put that on my video list as a number of you expressed an interest in carving one.

He's an impressive piece, standing 20" including the base.  The stone also gives his some heft which will surprise anyone picking him up.  I omitted the fluffy feathers that are normally at the base of each feather but that is okay as in researching I came across a number of war bonnets which didn't have them.  Oh....and do a Google image search of "war bonnet" and see who's dominating the web these days!!!

Anway, some more photos in the gallery and your comments are always welcome and appreciated.


  1. That is an incredible amount of detail, and so exquisitely done. I can only imagine ow he will look with your fantastic paint on im....he will probably be the centerpiece of the show, I know with his color and sie he will certainly dominate most exhibits, and should capture all the attention. I have been missing your blog posts, Have you been working on Iron Buffalo all this time The amount of detail would tend to make me think you have, it looks like an incredible amount of hours would be needed. Congratulations on a fine piece.

  2. Wow, I can't wait to see him painted , Simply amazing Ginny

  3. Lynn,

    Awesome!!! Words don't do your art justice...

    Will you get a chance to video the gallery when your display is set up? It would be so very cool to see the presentation and even more so to hear your thoughts as you view with pride the final presentation at the gallery.

    Thanks Lynn!


  4. very nice Lynn..
    Was the rife butt carved from the main block? Looks like the barrel may have been separate..corect?