Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Red Horse II - Under Construction!

Here's the beginning of my next project.  It's will be quite a large carving...already testing the limits of my Band-saw not to mention my right arm!  Excluding the head the body blank took an entire 4" x10"x18" block of that good Heineke wood.   He will be holding a pipe and that's his pipe bag that hangs from his arm.  It will have fringe and beaded designs.  I'm not sure I'll use that base as it was just one I had handy so I could take the photo.  Worked on it yesterday afternoon and it about wore me out and that was using the reciprocal handle on my Fordum.  That is one great tool for removing large amounts of wood fast but it's still quite tiring.

Anyway, thought you might like an early peek atwhats going on down the hill.  Sure beats shoveling snow!!  There are no more photos in the gallery yet.  Will keep you up to date as it progresses.

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