Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Iron Shirt

Here's the beginning of a new Native American bust.  The plan is to have him not only wearing a highly decorated coat but also a Conquistador's breast armor underneath.  Sounds interesting?  I started the head this past Saturday while at a regional Carve-In we held down at the local Senior Center.  I like the kind of arrogant look he has about him.  The photo is not the greatest as I took it with my phone.  Again, the base is an old one so that will change.   Hopefully, will get him pretty well fleshed out before the Kansas City show coming up this weekend.   Will be glad to see that bunch again as we haven't been able to attend the last two.  It's always been a great gathering and show so we're looking forward to the trip.

Anyway, another is in the works and the creation process continues.


  1. I too like the arrogant look on his face. Will be checking in to see more pictures. Ginny

  2. Great expression...you are to a wonderful start on the next native. Good luck at the show and enjoy yourselves.

  3. Your right about the expression he looks arrogant as hell ! How do you do that !!! Note to self must try harder. Is he as large as the last one? Can't wait to see him come to life, keep up the good work and again good luck at the show. Trev