Sunday, February 10, 2013

Osage County Cowboy - Painted

Finally got the details on this one today.  Glad he's out of the way as he's been hanging around for too long.  Turned out pretty good.  This little scene is always a crowd pleaser and doesn't stay too long in the Gallery.  Hope you like him.  More photos in the gallery.


  1. I am one that really enjoys seeing the cowboy with his horse. Someday I would love to see how you put a cowboy on the horse. A video .
    One question, Besides burning to keep the different colors from bleeding over what is it that determends where you burn ? Is it to high light areas? Like around the eye wrinkles. Folds in the clothes? What ? I look at one of my carvings and I get scared I'll ruin it. thanks Ginny

  2. A classic OutWest Carving. I love these guys, heck, I love all your stuff. I have great jealousy and envy of your skill and talent. Please do a lousy, unattractive, poorly executed carving just one time to make the rest of us feel better.