Thursday, June 28, 2012

White Eagle - Finished

Wrapped this one up this morning with the painting of the robe designs.  I left the feathers loose so they and the earrings will move around if the piece is bumped but I wouldn't recommend that.  I tried a different paint mixture for the flesh tones on this one as he's a little more realistic than the others.  All in all I think he turned out pretty good.

Hope you like him and there are more photos in the Gallery.


  1. Whoa! Love the paint job on that blanket and the beads!

    Ron B.

  2. Just fantastic all the way around. I really like the loose feathers in his hair and the designs on the robe are very intricate and appropriate for this carving. Another good-un.

  3. Lynn,

    This carving is FANTASTIC! I love the details and love the painting. It looks great. One of your best carvings to date that I have seen. Good job!

  4. Lynn, WOW....what a winner and I like the 'new' face color, what a fantastic piece of art!!!

    PS If these codes to leave a message gets any harder to 'read', I want be able to leave my comments..........

  5. Lynn,
    Outstanding work. Love the coloring in this one. I've got a question on your busts. How do you determine what size the bust should be depending on the size head you use? Is there a simple formula for figuring out the details so their more realistic in the measurements?

    Thanks for all you do to help out other carvers.