Monday, June 25, 2012

Short Circuit!

Finished this poor fella today.  It's a different version of one I've done a couple of times before.  I carved the head a few months back with my good friend Rich Baginski from up in Montana flew down for a couple of days to carving facial expressions.  I had thoughts of a carving having him whistling or maybe even playing a flute but for some reason he was always watching me while I was carving the body so just for fun I stuck him in the neck home and  ZAP!  it all came together.

He's a lot taller than the others which were around 10".  This guy, with his base should be around 15" and that's not counting the umbrella.  I'll make that out of brass rod.   His left hand will be holding a lasso.  I carved the crown of his hat extremely thin and then used a couple of lit matches to burn the top of it off.  You can see that better in the gallery photos.  Although it doesn't show in the photos you can see the top of his skull down through the open crown.   Should be a neat piece when done and a quick sale as all the others weren't around the place too long.

Anyway, hope you like him and your comments are welcome as always.


  1. that carving with the umbrella is a classic of yours. And at this size, with that bright yellow slicker..will really jump out at you from across the room. He certainly has a look of surprise on his face. Well done as usual.

  2. Whoops, you forgot to add the pictures to the gallery... as you know this is one of my favorites..

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