Saturday, June 02, 2012

Buffalo Skull - Part 5

This one is kind of long so I broke it up into 2 parts. Here's Part A:

And here is Part B:


  1. Great project, and the finished skull looks great. I never would have thought of putting some blue on a skull...good tip. I am now ready to go carve one of these..I usually wait until the video series is done before carving so I have a clear view of the entire process. Should be great fun and yield a neat carving for display at the end. Thanks so much to both of you for the videos....your work is appreciated.

  2. A wonderful , wonderful job Lynn. And Judy thank you also for the good camera work. I'm ready to start one myself. It was a great learning experience. fred k

  3. Another winner! I think adding that blue does make a real difference. The entire project was great. Again, my thanks to you both.

    Ron B.

  4. another great project. thanks Lynn for your gift of sharing your talent with us. I am a real newbee so most of your projects are too advanced for me.but i do learn something from each and every one.My nearest carving club is 300 miles from me.So i look forward (patiently unlike some ) to your next project.I know with your experience that you you can bang carvings out in a very short time.So I thank you again for slowing some down to share them me and others. Thank to Judy as well for taking time to film wishes