Thursday, June 07, 2012

A Rough Night!

Here's a busted up Buckaroo who I just finished this morning.  From the looks of him Happy Hour down at the Gold Nugget Saloon didn't end too well by the looks of the fat lip, the cracked skull and the swelling shiner, not to mention the shot up hat.  I was originally heading toward doing a complete figure of a busted up Bull Rider but after I had the head well on the way had a better idea for that figure so decided to convert this one to a bust.   Should be fun painting all the bruised flesh on that sad face.

Hope you like him and there are a few more photos in the Gallery.  Comments welcome as always.

Oh....I forgot the broken nose!


  1. If anyone can make a "busted up" cowboy, from after the fall to a night on the town celebrating, it's gotta be you. What a great carving showing all the cuts & brusies. I really don't think anyone else would come up with an idea like this for a caricature. He'll be a dandy when he's all painted up.....well maybe not so dandy, but definiately lookin' like he's ailin'.

  2. that is great! now a video of the complete figure of a busted up bull rider would be great! hint! hint! thank you so much for all og the videos

  3. Great concept...and I can imagine how well his technicolor face will look after you apply your considerable painting talents to the task. Very nicely done and a neat carving.