Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Old Scout

Here is a small bust I just finished.  I've done a number similar to this one but they always seem popular and don't hang around long.   I've been reading the new bio on Crazy Horse and it's filled with stories and references about the various Scouts  employed by the U.S. during the Plains Indian wars.  A pretty amazing group of characters.
Not much new here...I used small domed tacks for the buttons and a thinner wire than normal for the glasses.  The feather is held to the hat with a metal band.   Hope you like him and your comments are welcome as always.


  1. he looks like a rugged individual cut from that block of pure adventureous men who helped settle our frontier. his proud stance and the complimentary feather help present tis look. cannot wait to see him finished.

  2. I never tire of your work, a great piece. Thank you . fred k

  3. You do nice eyes. I can never get eyes to look alive.