Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Native American Woman & Papoose – Part 10

Was only able to get the nose & mouth carved within the 30 minute limit.  Will concentrate on the eyes in the next one.  


  1. She continues to progress nicely, is exciting to watch her develop beore our eyes. Looking forward to each new installment, I check the blog several times a day looking for new posts (sort of like having you on speed dial).
    Have you though of her name yet? She is enough of a personality with that face that she needs a name instead of just Indian Woman.
    Thanks for the instruction.

  2. they are both looking great as usual Lynn.

    question: Did you customize "old faithfull"? The blade appears to stick out a bit further than most cutters.

  3. Some of those older handles have two little studs inside to hold the blades. I ground off the back one so the blade could be extended about 3/16th" further out.