Monday, December 06, 2010

Sheepherders Wagon Project

This will be my next project for a while.  Believe it or not I started building this type of wagon about 3 years ago but lost interest and got involved with other things.  I did manage to complete the wagon box before putting it on the shelf and today I've been working on the front and back framework and some of the interior details.
The real reason that I'm posting this now is that I want it on record so as to force me to complete it.  I know it will make a great setting for a scene once the sheepherder shows up along with all his necessities.  Should be fun.   I'll post some photos tomorrow if I can get the upper framework completed.   As always any comments are welcome.   And don't worry.......we're still going to complete that horse!


  1. Holy Cow!!! For a minute there I thought you were deserting us followers.

    Heck yea, post photos so we can see how the wagon is coming along.

    Hope you won't make it too long between the horse videos though. (-:


  2. can't wait to see the finshed product. I'm sure it will be great.

  3. I lived in Idaho for a year back in the early 80.s, out on the high mountain desert plain, and the sheep farmers there leaed huge tracts of BLM land and each summer they brought over Basque shepards and their dogs to tend the flocks during the summer free-range grazing. The old Basques lived in small huts on a trailor similar to the one you show, oly it was pulled by an old pickup. I always wanted to pull over and talk to one of these guys when I drove past, but rumor around the area was that none of them spoke English...what stories to tell the old timers must have. Your project looks mighty ambitious, but i guess a good challenge is needed now and again to stimulate the creative juices. Keep us posted on the progress.