Friday, December 03, 2010

Carving A Cowboy’s Horse – Part 6 – Laying Out & Carving The Head

Carving the head will take a couple of videos to get it all in.  This is a long one….about 40 minutes.  In laying out the block  I thought I had a good idea that would have helped in the glue up but it didn’t work out so will save that one till some other time.   I show you another great book to have around when doing horses…here’s the link:  You can buy a new one or just pick up a used copy.  I’ve bought the used ones before and have never been sorry.  Saves quite a bit.  Anyway, good luck with the head!


  1. Lynn and Judy, Thanks again for a great carving video. One suggestion, if you could show more of the carving when it is held up for us to see.. Sometime it's held up and when the camera goes up to get it it's already gone....LOL Oh well, Thanks again for helping us to be better carvers...Hugs to you both, Mary Anne

  2. I had to copy this installment due to a hectic schedule, will view it at a later date when or if the holiday happenings slow down. I am sure it will be as helpful as the others.The above comment has a second from me, it takes Judy a little bit to move to the carving and by the time she gets there it is occasionally gone again...just a little more time for us to look at what you are trying to show us please. great job as usual and Merry christmas to all.