Saturday, March 06, 2010

Whiskey Jim Gets A Bust Enhancement

That modification to Pancho went so well I thought I'd do the same thing with this reprobate. I fitted him out in some fancy duds considering he's know to play with some reall highrollers. I only wish there was someway I could have also added a gold-banded stogie but he was too far along for that. I also tried a different stand which I think worked out really well. It takes a common bust and elevates it to a much higher least I think it does. It's just a 3" piece of turned walnut on a 3/8" thick material.
As always your comments are welcome.


  1. It looks like you took the poncho bust pattern and trim it off at the bottum and recarved it? looks great!! just and idea for a highroller is a gold and diamond stick pin in the center of that tie. just a thought!!

  2. A gold vest watch with the chain from side to the other

  3. He looks great! I may have to try this one after Poncho. I may make the stand look like 2 dice, one sitting on the other and the top one slightly turned but not quite 45 degrees.

    Todd Ramsay

  4. I really like the taller stand. It keeps us from looking down on the top quite as much.