Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monte Walsh – Part 1 - Guns, Chaps, And A Big Gut!


As I said earlier we’re going to do this project just a little different than the others.  You won’t see much carving as I think we’ve pretty well covered most of that in the previous video series.  What you will see is my explanation of how I go about doing the things I think necessary to construct a realistic looking caricature.


In this part I explain the importance of understanding the upcoming details when laying out your blank, how various details and gear affect each other and how figures  look best when posed in a relaxed position.  I even dress up a bit to show how these details actually appear. 


So, I hope this helps you out in developing your own figure and will look forward to hearing your comments.  


  1. As usual Lynn good start on a good project. Thank you and I will be watching for the next one.fred k

  2. like the way this is going however i'm going to use two guns like the comic two gun kid i know you've read those comics thanks lynn .tristan

  3. Excellent tutorial Lynn.
    You did a good job of explaining the layer concept. We all can benefit from that if we pay attention to the details.
    If you have some spare time, visit me at:
    Carving Buddy Web Site

    Ed Pitts

  4. Great instuctional video Lynn. Thanx for continuing to remind us of what we should look for and remember before we put a knife blade to wood. The 7 layers you discussed in the waist area, i.e chaps, belts, buckles, etc, was most informative and I hope you'll show us how you carve them.

  5. Looks like we're off to a good start! I thank you for the explanation about the layers and how to go about insuring enough material is there.

    I have noticed the blog colors and layout are changing regularly. Is something going on at Google or are you trying to come up with something new? I liked the earth tone colors that were there a few days ago. Vary easy on the eyes. Just in case you wanted to know, even though you did not ask for feedback.

    Is the auction still on? I saw that one day & now it is gone.

    Looking forward to the next episode. OBTW I noticed a marked improvement in the picture quality. I guess that is the new camera. It's great.


  6. Thank you very much for the probably wan't post this, but I liked the way you did the other videos much better, when you showed us how to carve everything and we could follow along. hey I'm just an old dog and I appreciate any scraps you throw off of that wonderful talented plate of yours. thank you very much

  7. Lynn, your techniques are just great with paint layering. Also, helping some of us to 'think' about normal wear patterns in very valuable. Again, my thanks for the hard work you BOTH put into this venture. I too like the higher camera angle.


  8. Nice work! I really like your work.