Saturday, March 06, 2010

Video Feedback?

It's going on 6 months since I posted my first video so I'd like you to give us some feedback on how you think we're doing. Be honest.....we can take it. I'm especially interested in how the videos posted here compare with any others or to commercial carving CD or DVDs in how the carving process is presented. I've tried to keep it as casual and original as possible as I want to not only show any technics I might use but also the mistakes I make when using them. I realize that the quality of the productions may not be the best and that the camera sometimes jerks and jumps around trying to keep up with me but neither Judy nor I are graduates of the Academy. We're just a couple of Yahoos living out here in God's country having fun.
So take a moment and drop a comment to let us know how we might make any improvements or changes. Also, any suggestions for upcoming projects would be appreciated. Making a set of spurs in the next one on the production schedule. Thanks!


  1. yes Lynn your videos are good to me... love to see how you carve a full figure .... well off i go to carve some more carvings lynn ... can't wait to the next video...

  2. You want honest? it is ! Lynn I can't see how you could improve on your videos. I really enjoy the casual manner in which you present them . I can't say it's just like taking a class in person because I've never had the opertunity to take any classes. Up until you started doing this I was restricted to buying carving books and stumbling along hoping that I was interperting the instruction correctly.
    Don't worry about any shaky camera work either I start and stop those videos so many times while I'm following your instructions that I never even notice it.
    Wayne aka Soggy

  3. the first thing is the camera lady has improved 100% from the begaining,she sometimes get out of focus,jerks and jumps,but as you said trying to keep up with you she is pretty darn good. Her close up shots is as good if not better than most of the commercial DVD's.
    The subject matter is alot better than most and cover the details very well with a lot of great imformation (tricks) that others don't cover. The only commercial DVD's that comes close to yours is fish carving DVD's.
    Improvements would be is to make a photo album with the patterns in it for the subject/s with front and side as you can't get the pattern from the videos(poncho's hat there is a good pattern for the side,but not for the top). A great pattern for the poncho,but no instruction in the video.
    I sit on pin and needles waiting for the next video. the two of ya'll are doing a great job and service for ALL of us!!!
    I would like to see how to carve a cowboy on a horse or riding a bull from start to finish. how you would make the cowboy in proportion to the horse or bull. PLEASE!!!

  4. Lynn,
    My carving eduction has been limited to a 1 yr stint as a member of a carving club in Omaha NE while assigned with TRW at Offet AFB. I have wached all of Gene Messer's Videos @ woodcarving Illustrated, and several Google Videos and you-tube. I find that very few are comparable to those that you post. Most Google and You-tube Videos are less than what I would consider good. The Woodcarver Illustrated Videos are O.K., however Gene is wordy and redundant to a fault, often off topic.
    I have enjoyed your Videos for Subject, Techniques, completeness,and professionalism.
    I find no faults at all! Keep up the fine work.
    Bill, aka Brewditty

  5. In a word, AWESOME!

  6. Lynn,
    I, like the others, wait sometimes impatiently for your next offerings. I hadn't tried any caricature carvings until your videos came along and now I can't stop. The camera work is super, as it puts my eyes right over your shoulder, the next best thing to being there! Hats off to Judy - she's doing a fine job. The quality is good, and the pace just right for us beginners, especially with the little details. Your sessions on painting have greatly increased my skills as well. For those of us who cannot take hands-on type classes due to locale or whatever, your videos have been a blessing. Please keep 'em coming! A full figure carving would be my choice for a future project, but whatever you choose to put up will be fine! Thanks for sharing your amazing skills.

    Merryl Bustin
    Nova Scotia

  7. Lynn & Judy:
    Your videos have been the most instructive and informative than anything else out there. Your casual banter makes me feel like I'm right there in your workshop with ya, just looking over your shoulder. And even though we can chuckle at the camera movements and refocus that Judy has to do to keep you in frame, each one is a keeper and makes them feel very real and not stoic in instruction. I wouldn't change a thing in the way you present them.
    I'm learning so much from you from: accessory making, to painting tips, and most importantly a carving technique that just can't be found in all of the carving books and magazines I've bought over the years. Honestly, everything you two are doing is The Best!
    As to future videos, like the folks mentioned above, I'd like to see a full figure done by you showing how, when, where and why you carve & attach arms, legs, or other body parts to your carvings. I'd also like to see how you make a holster and gun rig on a cowboy and have you create one of your classic caricature horses. And finaly, a pattern album we could access on your web-site would help in getting us started too.
    I know that's alot to ask of you and I apologise if all this in too intrusive as you've been most generous in sharing your techniques. BUT, know that all you've done is not for naught or in vain as after I finish posting this, I am going to vist your Tip Jar again, as my way of saying thanx.

  8. Lynn I love what you do, it has helped so many people learn to carve.By the way people who cant draw need patterns,I cant wait till you do a full figure.your wife is doing great on the camera. thank you Skip

  9. Lynn and Judy, I cannot think of anything y'all could do to improve on anything. The subject matter and your way of presenting it is perfect for me. please continue, I for one would be lost without these videos.
    Thank you both for all that you do for us carvers out here.

  10. Lynn and Judy, Please keep it up. I think it is the greatest.

  11. Lynn & Judy,

    I too think the videos are great overall.

    The one problem for me is the out of focus on the very very close shots. Don't know how to fix that short of a new camera or a manual focus capability when it is in tight. I think macro is the word.

    One other thing that I would vote for would be a remote mike for you. sometimes it sounds like you are talking to yourself. And maybe you are. HaHa.

    I would like to see how you go about making the water like you did in the "no swimming" piece.

    Like I said overall - Great!! Keep up the good work.

    OBTW...My wife purchased me a DVD at a carving show and when I watched it toward the end the carver was working on an eye. Did the upper lid faded out...faded back in and the eye was complete and he was working on the hat. Don't know how he did the lower part of the eye...

    Best to you & Judy.

    Terry Vance

  12. Lynn and Judy You both are GREAT and I give you both an A+ !! Keep producing the video's!!
    As for further vedio's an Indian,or full figure cowboy...Thanks A bunch!!

  13. Lynn, I went back and watched your very first video this morning. Much improvement! I noticed on the first one, you moved the head so fast we could not keep up. Don't see any of that on the later ones.
    As everyone has said "Keep it going"
    Ed Pitts

  14. lynn, i too have enjoyed and learned from your videos--my only complaint-- when doing the serape on poncho-- you didnt show how you painted the stripes--ive tried on several things i have and had lousy results--ive actually gone to the point of burning the stripes so that colors dont run-- but i dont care for the results-- you showed how you drew them on-- but in the next video -- they were painted-- -- i'll continue to watch and learn-- and hope i see you in Kansas City

  15. I've tried carving books, YouTube videos and classes, but the best education comes from your workshop, with your down-home humor to keep it lighthearted. I can't apprciate enough your time abd patience in providing these videos.
    I would like to see a fill character, and also a diorama featuring a full character and additional components (like your Rise and Shine, for example)

    You should also put Judy on the other side of the lens so we can see what her opinion of all this is!

    Great work!

    Edmonton, Alberta

  16. There is a little decrease in video quality due to the internet. Other than that, your videos are as good as any DVD I have purchased. I can easily live with the small video quality problem because I am not waiting at the mailbox. You both are doing a great job and a wonderful gift to the carving community. I am sure there are a lot of BETTER carvers in the world today because of your efforts.
    Thank you,

  17. I don't think there is anything else to say from what I read above except DITTO!!! Thank You both for the time and effort you have put into all of this.

    Todd Ramsay

  18. Lynn:
    I beleive these are the best. You both do a great job. In fact when we went on vacation last fall, I made sure to keep up on these with the lap top. Keep up the good work.
    Gene O.

  19. All I can say is keep up the great videos that you are doing now.I can live with any minor movement , but without your videos would be a crime. You are good for the whole carving community. fred k

  20. Hi Lynn & Judy
    Please don't change a thing. The videos are easy to follow . entertaining & educational.
    THANKS !

  21. Lynn and Judy,
    All I can say is that your entire Blogspot has been great and the videos are outstanding. You make it a joy for all to see your God given talent in action. Don't change a thing.

  22. Lynn, you and Judy do a fantastic job. I like the others would love to see a full figure done with details on every aspect shown. A water scene or other multi object carving would be great.It feels like we are there with you both which is a wonderful thing. Your style of sharing is the best I have ever seen. It is like being in a great class with the best teacher learning your favorite subject. The joy of discovery of learning from the master is a humbling experience. Especially for us new carvers. So look forward to whatever you and Judy are willing to share. Thank you so much.

  23. I haven't had the time to look at your most recent couple of videos, but I have watched and in some cases re-watched many of the early ones.

    Keep up the good work...and, Judy, you ought to at least step in front of the lens once in awhile so we can see and say "HI!" to you, too!

  24. Judy & Lynn ~

    Thank you. Thank you! Thank YOU!!!

    I enjoy the videos you have provided. I record them and review them repeatedly. Thanks for your tip on how to capture them to my hard drive!

    It may be too much bother, but sometimes, a good still picture interjected when you provide instructions would help. It seems that as your talking, you will point to an area with a finger and while I am trying to soak in what you are saying, the finger will tap the piece and either move it, or cover the detail area. I stop the video to study the area, then play the comment, repeating as necessary. A still shot, with your voice-over instructions would be helpful. Again, I can compensate by using the pause and play buttons, so don't spend tons of time in the editing booth on this. I would much rather 'study' using the pause and play than wait for weeks for the next video!

    For my part, (I consider myself a beginner) I enjoy the comments on establishing my own style and such. I enjoy the stories and the folksy way you converse with us. I don't feel like I am being lectured or scolded. But sometimes you will say "You don't want to do that" and I wonder why not or what is behind those comments. Maybe I am not the intended audience or those with more experience/skills would understand more readily. I presume because you say it, you would expect that your student doesn't know it. Sometimes some explanations of why would aid me.

    Again, if your intended audience is more advanced than I, let me express my gratitude for letting me come along for the ride. Feel free to discount this comment.

    As far as future installments, that which interests you intrigues me! Your techniques to imply wet, water, smoldering coals, snow, or any of the other conditions that accent your art pieces would make fascinating videos!

    Thanks once again for all the contributions thus far!


  25. Your videos are exactly as you intended and reflect your personality.. For sharing with other caricature carvers its very good. For production. you would have ot invest a lot of money in higher resolution cameras, editing equipment,improved lighting, better audio equipment, maybe even an overhead camera like in the cooking shows( I can see Judy hanging from the rafters now).
    Seriously, continue with what you have been doing and make little improvements as you see the need. Thanks for sharing. Steve

  26. All I can say is please continue what you are doing. I had put down the knives for a while until I stumbled across your site. You have made carving fun again and I cannot begin to thank you enough for that. I too am anticipating a full figure project but I am still catching up on some past videos trying to improve, practice, practice, practice. I also liked the idea of making a folder for the patterns you use. I have had formal classes and have a few videos and niether hold a candle to what you and Judy are doing. There has not been a finer team since Roy & Dale.
    Thanks, D. Mobbs

  27. Lynn.. the videos are top notch... keep 'em coming!


  28. Lynn, about two years ago, I sent you an email from Hawaii. I am the submariner, trying his hand at "underwater carving"! We'll I am still at it, trying to improve along the way. I am currently trying to carve the Chuck Wagon Cook using your tutorial. When I'm done, I intend to give it to a good friend and shipmate retiring from the Navy this fall. He is a Chief Culinary Special, so it will be perfect for him.

    I love the videos and often take notes to take with me when I go out to sea. You provide and invaluable amount of knowledge, that most could only hope to learn with many, many years of practice. I haven't been at it all that long and have hade long periods between carvings, so every bit of advice helps! It is almost like you are giving away your secrets...I almost feel like I'm cheating sometimes! Well, my carvings are rough and have knife marks and mistakes...who cares! IT'S FUN! You are the carving mentor most all of us wish we had close by. You being you, is why we keep coming back, don't change a thing!

    Judy thanks for your time as well! The videography is top notch; don't let Lynn tell you otherwise!

    Thanks again and please keep the movies coming! If I had a request it would be a video of the workshop, which tools you use, which ones just sit on the shelf, jigs that you use for holding your work, etc.

    Scott G ~ Pearl Harbor

  29. Don't change a thing Lynn and thank you so much to you both for sharing your time and talents with all of us.

  30. Hi Lynn,
    I may be late posting my 2 cents, but here goes.
    The videos are awesome! The quality is good and so is the camera work. I have downloaded some to my hard drive & then converted to DVD format and watched them on the "big screen". Don't change a thing.
    As for suggestions on future subjects I join with a few others and would like to see a full figure. Maybe one with out stretched arms -like in "Rise & Shine Boys" or "Rise & Shine" (I'm cuious how you clamp the arms & torso) . Also would like to see you finish the series that you started on carving a cowboy on his horse.
    Thanks for all you have done to date!!