Friday, March 12, 2010

Spurs – How I Make Them

Almost everyone seeing my Cowboy figures asks just how I make my spurs.  Well, here I show just how to go about giving your wrangler a pair of classy looking foot apparel.  While it might look a little challenging at first once you’ve made a few you’ll be looking for ways to stick them on just about anything. 
So, take you time, have fun and sorry for some of the more jerky moments of this video.  As always, your comments are apreciated.


  1. Lynn and Judy,

    Realism and attention to detail is what makes your carvings so great. The videos are informative and amomg the best. Please continue.


  2. Great show John Smith Anchorage Alaska Mulege Mex

  3. Great Works!! Thanks for sharing how you do things...You and Judy are the BEST! Come on everybody and put some tips in the jar for them helping US All!! You two are outstanding!!

  4. you are the best!!! thanks
    MORE! MORE!!!

  5. Lynn,
    The time and effort that you and Judy put into doing thes instructional videos is greatly appreciated. The information and methods of construction that you share, not to mention your 'secrets', really broaden our horizons and skill level. Once agian, a HUGE thank you to you BOTH!


  6. Lynn:

    Thanx so much for again sharing another of your "secretes". This instructional video was most helpful and I know I'll be makinig several pairs of spurs to put on some previous carved caricatures I've done.

    I know too that these videos take alot of time to do. Thanx Judy for getting the shots needed for us to follow along.

    You two are the Best!

  7. These videos are all really great. Really enjoy watching every second of them, I never get tired of watching you do what you do. I was simply wondering if it was possible if you could make a video on how you carve your characters eyes. If you could do that it would be great.