Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Times Up! Here Are The Entries!

Wow! What a great group of carvings. A total of 26 entries were received. While we had a larger number who signed up at the beginning I think this group is pretty good considering this is the first time. Now comes the hard part.....trying to pick a winner. One thing I noticed right off is the time, care and research some put in on their piece....not only on the figure but also on it's presentation. That's great. A lot of us forget just how important that aspect of creating something is.
I'll try and put up the final result later this week but there is one thing I want you all to remember. In my book there are 26 winners of this competition and I only wish there was some way I could present 26 trophies. Unfortunately, I can't do that.
In the Gallery is a new album that contains individual photos of all the carvings. I did my best to pick the one photo that I think best shows your effort. Some I retouched and tuned up a little. If for some reason you don't see your carving there please advise me ASAP so I can ensure that it gets in there.
A number of you have ask if I would critique their pieces and this I will gladly do after the winner has been announced. Just send me an email and we'll do it that way.
Again, to all of you, thanks! It's been fun.


  1. Thank you lynn for a great challange and for taking the time to put all of this together. I don't write much but your blog site is a wealth of information and is certainly appreciated! I agree with you that there are 26 winners, each displaying his intrepretation of Quigley! What a fun time this has been. Thanks for taking me along for the ride,
    Jim O'Harra

  2. I'm having a great time with this project. It looks like others did also.
    Only when you try yourself do you truely appreciate what's involved in carving one of these figures.
    Thanx for the challenge, Lynn.
    --Dave Gilb