Friday, February 05, 2010

And The Winner Is.....Myron Compton!

Congratulations Myron! Of all the submissions I think your sculpture represents the character Quigley the best. Your carving technique is clean and crisp and your painting amplifies those aspects and brings your figure to life. Your details are spot on. Considering all of these things I'm proud to declare you the winner of the first Out West Challenge.
To the rest of I said before you are all winners in my book. It's clear when looking over the entries that a lot of time and care went into your efforts. I hope this little contest forced you to stretch a little by developing a carving that is truely yours. Also, as I mentioned earlier, if you would like for me to comment individually on your piece just drop me an email and I'll give you my honest opinion.
Again, to Myron...."You are definitely the man!" at least till next year. The trophy will be in the mail as soon as I get the name tag ordered and nailed on.
There are more photos of Myron's carving in the Gallery. Of course your comments are welcome.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Myron! I am happy to see I was on the same page as Lynn when I saw all the carvings. (Love the rattles on this one!) I cannot wait til next year to have another go at it.

  2. I picked it, too. Really nice job, Myron!

  3. Fantastic job Myron,was the best of the bunch. You can see that alot of time went into that carving, Congratulations. To all the other entrants, congratulations also. Once again thank you Lynn for the inspiration. Fred Krafton

  4. Truly the Best of the Best. Congrats Myron, you nailed it! And you,like Lynn have given us reason to look for detail when doing a carving. It adds so much.

  5. I just don't believe it. I'm actually setting here with tears of joy running down my face. And that's the truth. What a special,special group we have had on this project. Lynn, thanks so much for all you have done by putting on this contest and what a special, wonderful trophy to win. I had to run home from work to check this out, because I'm blocked out of seeing this site at work. Thanks again everybody, I will cherish this experience. And many thanks to you Lynn.....Myron

  6. Congratulations Myron. You deserve the win. Fantastic carving.

  7. Way to go Myron. Your carving was the one I picked after looking them all over. Congratulations!!!!!


  8. Congratulations Myron! That is truley a great carving. And a great big thanks to Lynn and all the others who participated. Can't wait 'till next year.

  9. Myron did a great job on his carving. There were a couple of other close but his attention to detail, the pose and paint put this one on top. I'm just glad to have participated. Lynn will have to do a study on how he did some things, like the trigger guard on the rifle.
    Ed Redwine..

  10. Excellent work everybody and special congratulations to Myron. I didnt finish mine and now I'mm looking at the unfinished pieces and wondering what to do with them. I'd like to burn em, but I know that I need to keep on in the spirit of the challenge and stretch myself to a new level. Thanks Lynn. You are truly an inspiration for this hobby carver.

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  12. Myron, you da man! Very, very nice job - congratulations. I was amazed at all the work everyone put into their carvings they all looked wonderful. Great job everyone.


  13. As a non participant in this contest, I would like to congratulate the winner. But I also wonder about the originality aspect of this contest, although this was a fine carving , it was an obvious copy of the example proviveded. We're you asking for duplication or origianality .

  14. It was up the the participant on how they wanted to present the character. Had you read the previous Blog postings you would have noted that. When carving a particular figure with particular details and features a certain amount of duplication is to be expected. Sorry if this contest didn't measure up to your expectations.

  15. Sam Worthington2/05/2010 01:19:00 PM

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  16. Awesome job Myron, your carving truly represents the time and effort deserving of the first Out West wood carving challenge.The detail is fantastic. Congratulations to all the other carvings entered in the contest as well. It was a pleasure to be in the running with all of you and my hats off to Lynn and his videographer for giving us this opportunity and the great blogs they provide week after week. Looking forward to next years challenge and giving Myron a run for his money.
    D. Mobbs

  17. Congratulations Myron. You were my pick as well.
    Thanks to you Lynn for stimulating all of us to try to be better than ourselves. I was not able to complete the project but look forward with anticipation to the future.

    Tony Agatucci

  18. Well done Myron! Congratulations on a well deserved win. Great piece of work. Congratulations as well to Lynn, the contest is a real winner and the quality of the entries is superb. Well done Lynn, great promotion for the cause of wood carving.

    Bob Squarebriggs

  19. Congrats to Myron ,
    I followed along and when they were in he was my choice as well. Some other very good ones and all gave 100% effort I would say . Good job Lynn for organizing and running it .

  20. terrific piece , congrat myron, wonderful work !!!

  21. Congratulations, Myron. Your piece is definitely worthy.
    Heck, I'm still working on mine and it isn't near as detailed.

    -- D. Gilb