Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pancho Project Part 14 – More Painting

Continuing on with the painting of Pancho, in this video we finish up with applying the black dots to his hat, we draw in the lines for the poncho’s striped design, and finally we prime the surface of the cloth area in preparation for the stripes. 


  1. great project Lynn this is another have to thanks fo sharing.tristan

  2. Lynn, I guess my comment that I tried to post on the 12th didn't take. Anyway, I suggested trying my technique that I use with my decoy carving and illustration paintings--a white charcoal pencil after the base coat. It is either absorbed in the paint or easy to claen off after the paint dries. Excellent teaching. Since it's been 8 days, I hope things are "Ok in Jay, OK." (Feel free to use)