Monday, February 22, 2010

Pancho Project Part 15 – Finishing The Hat

As I’ve received quite a few requests to see this project through to completion I’ll comply with your wishes.  With this video I show how to put the finishing touches to the hat.  Also, in the hope it might help you to keep your paint brushes in top shape I explain and demonstrate how I go about doing just that. 


  1. thank you thank you!!! why am I smiling? from ear to ear. P L E A S E keep doing this. With your guidance I might learn how to carve. Can't wait to see how finish painting the poncho. thank you again

  2. Lynn:
    Just a note to say thank you and keep up the great videos and carvings. I've learned lots by you and you've made me think outside the box....
    Once again thanks and keep the projects coming!!
    Gene O.

  3. Lynn ...
    Thank You for all the work on these videos.Please keep doing them. You provide so much information. They are so interesting to watch and learn from. I am always amazed that you make things look so easy.

  4. Lynn,
    Thanks for completing the project. The saltillo looks awesone with the red base coat and limited stripes. You're a great painter and I should know. Trust me.

  5. As always Lynn I enjoyed the video. The section on cleaning brushes was great. I did not know about the hairspray. Thanks for the new info!

  6. Lynn,

    Like the rest I want to thank you for continuing on with Pancho although I could see how you had the "wind knocked out of your sails" I praise and thank you for digging down to carry on.

    The brush cleaning tips were huge. I wash mine out with dish soap after a painting session but you still get build up at the base. The hairspray will be getting a working over now that's for sure.

    One question I had with painting the hat. Would it be easierr to paint the crown and hat band before glueing it to the brim?

    Thanks again Lynn contined great carving and painting


  7. thank you for finishing the poncho videos!

    I two suggestions or requests for furture carving videos:
    1- I was looking at your albums and saw one named "cowboy on his horse" the patterns are there for the horse, but I could not find the cowboy patterns or how you fit him on the horse. Iwould love to see a video on this,carving the horse and the cowboy.
    2- this request is one I have not seen you do at all. A cowboy riding a bucking bull. My borther was a bull rider for years, he is 70 years old his next birthday and I would love to try and carve it for him, if you would make the videos of it. He had to quit rideing when he got bucked off and broke his neck at the age of thirty. He just got up off the ground and walked out of the arena, got in his car and went to the hospital. allways a coyboy tough as nails to this day
    DELL in Ms.