Friday, September 06, 2013

Sarge - Painted

Hooray!  It's done!  It's finally off my desk and I can move this stone around my neck out of the shop and into the Gallery.  In one way or another this one has haunted me for at least three months.  Putting that all aside, he turned out pretty well.  The sharp contrast of the colors really set him off and his larger than normal size, about 12", makes him even more impressive.  You can't really see it but there is a gold braid Cavalry hatband around his hat with tassels. I made it out of twisted wire with carved tassels.

I hope you like him and your comments are welcomed as always.  More photos in the Gallery.


  1. He looks great with the addition of color. One a profile view in the gallery I could see the cord and tassel, that is a lot of detail and work that will hardly be seen in normal viewing...but I guess that level of attention is what elevates a carving from good to masterpiece. The size is impressive, should be an eye-grabber when on display.