Thursday, September 19, 2013

Four O'Clock Wake-Up!

This one made me realize that my eyes are changing being as doing fine detail is becoming much more challenging.  I really had a problem with the apron, doing it over about 3 times before I finally said "To Hell With It!" and settled for what I'd done so far.  As this figure is smaller than the others that I've recently been doing I guess I'm going to have to stick with the larger versions.

I originally had him holding a tin cup instead of the lantern but the hand was just too fragile.   Noticing that I had a spare kerosene lantern setting on the window ledge a quick amputation and a little bit of cloning fixed that problem.  I would have liked that lantern a little larger but I think it will do.  In posting the photos I noticed that I had forgotten to add the watch chain to his vest pocket which has now been corrected.   I mounted him using the horseshoe base, something I haven't done in a while.  If I go to the larger figures in the future I guess I'm going to have to switch the Clydesdale shoes!!

Anyway, he turned out pretty good and these Chuck Wagon Cooks are always popular so he'll probably be cooking for someone else's spread before to long.  I also hope you like him and there are more photos in the Gallery.  Comments welcome as always.


  1. Good one Lynn. Your redoing of the hand w/ lantern is flawless. As to doing detail with your painting, that too is just great. Yeah, as we get a little age on us we tend to have difficulty doing intricate things. You might try magnifier lenses that fit over your glasses to assist you. I can't paint anything with out!

  2. Great job. This guy is one of my favorites.
    I went to the Doctor Thursday. I need new glasses . This time with a magnification of 450. I must be in bad shape. But still carving. Ginny

  3. You’re your own worst critic. My goodness even the ones that you have trouble with turn out great.
    Thanks for sharing your criticisms. It’s always informative for us to see how things go on in the head of an artist. :)

  4. Love everything about this ol' cook. He's a winner as are all your cooks. The wrinkled up toes on his boots are a very nice touch - just like you put'em on when it's a cold morning before they warm up. Well done, as always

    Ron B.