Friday, September 13, 2013

Native American

I haven't decided on what to call this piece as I hope to have a companion carving to go with it in a few days.  It's a good sized one...standing about 17 inches with the base.  I foresee lots of color on the robe.  Hope you like him.  More photos in the Gallery.

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  1. Lynn,
    Really like your full figure carvings. This Native American one will be great. I've been studying your Monte Walsh video along with Fairbanks book "Human Proportions For Artists". If I'm guessing right on the size of the base this carving would be about 1/4 life size. This would make the head size based on your pattern that's 33/4 inches tall. I know you mention that you use a bigger head on caricature, but I really want the body to look realistic. matching the head size with the body and bust is my biggest challenge.

    Thanks for all you do in sharing your expertise with carvers.