Friday, August 31, 2012

Hot Irons & Arbuckles

I've done this little scene a couple of times before so I thought I would polish off another for the upcoming November show.  This fella is getting ready for the morning branding chores but still has time for a quick cup of Arbuckles.  Arbuckles was the coffee choice in the old days as it was one of the first that came already roasted.  Prior to that the cook had to roll those raw beans around in the fry pan before grinding them up.  I can just imagine the quality of the brew.  Also, inside each Arbuckles package was a stick of peppermint candy which was sought after so much that Cookie rarely had a problem getting volunteers for Chuckwagon duty.

I hope you like him and there are more photos in the Gallery.  As always, your comments are welcomed and appreciated.