Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Carving A Pair Of Vultures - Part 10

This will wrap this little scene up.  Thought I would show you how I go about creating the little, or even big, signs for my carvings.  It's a pretty easy process and one easy to get the hang of after a little practice.  The secret is the brush and a steady hand.


  1. Mr. Lynn, on you sign work, have you ever put a hole through a the sign to make it look like it was shot? Or in one of your scenes? I was trying to come up with some way, so that the hole would not look like it was drilled. Thanks, Tim....

  2. Go ahead and drill the hole then using a burning pen just lightly burn the edges of the hole to darken them. The burning gets rid of all the fuzz from the drill and will leave a real clean ho.e

  3. Thanks, I will give it a try, since some of the signs here have a bullet hole or two in them.