Monday, July 04, 2011

Let’s Make A Coffee Pot – Part 3

Finishing up this project, we add some color to our coffee pot.  Hope you enjoyed this short project.  Now I have to come up with something else to pass along.


As always your comments are welcome.


  1. This was a great little project. It will really come in handy in the future I am sure,and we really want to see the Cook when he is compleated. Hope you guys are having a great July 4th, thank for the video.

  2. Great project Lynn! Details like that sure complete the piece.
    I was wondering if you could at some point sketch up a mule like you did the horse. I think it would be interesting to see the differences in the animals. Might help those of us interested in doing some '49er type caricatures. Thanks again for a wonderful project.

    Merryl Bustin
    Nova Scotia

  3. Wonderful project and done so well. Thanks so much Lynn and Judy,and now I'll try another doing it your way. fred k

  4. great work on the pot! now how do you carve/make the cup?

    thanks for all that you do

    DELL in Ms..

  5. Thanks again Lynn! And thanks to Judy for the videography!

    If you are looking for other items to show us, how about some more adornments for a cowboy cook scene? The Dutch Oven, skillet, bean pot, or even the utensils used in cowboy cooking would all be useful.

    Whatever strikes your fancy will be very educational to your growing groups of fans!

    Thanks again!