Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gabby Hayes Bust – Part 12 & 13 – Painting the Body & Finishing Up

With these two videos we come to the end of this project.  I hope you enjoyed it and were able to pick up a few new tricks or techniques.  The purpose of doing these is to show the complete process from the very beginning to the point of setting the piece on the shelf.

As this series is approximately 5 hours in length I was wondering if any of you were able to get it on one disk? 

I’m not really sure what the next project will be but I’ll try and make it interesting.  As always your comments are welcome and if you happen to drop a couple coins in that Tip Jar over on the right that would be appreciated too.


  1. Lynn: This was a super video tutorial and very much appreciated. It seems with each project you do, I learn something new and just watching you carve and/or paint helps me a great deal.

    I couldn't fit Gabby on one CD as it took two so I have the carving on one and the painting on another.
    Looking forward to your next carving project. Thanx again.

  2. Lynn you and Judy are the BEST!! Your carvings and painting them and your video work is superb..Thank both of you for helping us to be better carvers!!
    Hugs, Mary Anne

  3. Lynn, two more winners for sure. I continue to apprecite the talents of the both of you. A huge thank you!


  4. Thank You, Thank Judy, Thank YOU!