Monday, September 20, 2010

Gabby Hayes Bust – Part 10 & 11 – Painting the Hat & Head

I had to break this part of the painting process into two parts due to the length of the videos.  I know a lot of you are interested in my painting techniques so I wanted to get in as much of it as possible. 


I’m  really satisfied with Gabby so far.  I think he’s going to be a real winner.  As always your comments are welcome.

Special Note:  I received an email asking which is the best way to download and copy these videos from the Blog.  If any of you have done this you might make a comment about how to do it.  Thanks.


  1. I downloaded the "Ask" search engine toolbar. One of the features is a button that says "save video" Just click on that button and it creates a folder and all the videos you save go in that folder.

    There is also a "play" button for replaying the saved videos. When you click on that button the folder opens and you can select the video you want to watch again.

    Good luck!

  2. Like Terry, I use the "Ask" search system with the "save video" button in it's tool bar. It works great. Once the videos are in a file on the desktop you can view them at your leisure from there. However, I then burn a copy to a CD so that my computer system is not overloaded with videos eating up memory. Doing so provides for a back up as well. Plus I can then view them on a laptop out in my garage when working on a caricature to have them on hand as a reference as I carve.

    Lynn thanx so much for another great video series. You're the best.

  3. Lynn, Another great one. I really like the way the hat turned out. Thanks for the painting tips, I always look forward for those.
    Thanks again,