Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Close Call

Here's one I did demonstrating carving down at the local Community Center yesterday and today. I had a hat blank left over from the Gabby project so I passed it on to this fortunate Corporal who stuck his head up just a bit too far. I think he turned out real well. Stands about 12" tall with the base which is made out of Sycamore. I was thinking of putting in a few extra arrows but decided the one was enough to carry the thought.  Several more photos in the Gallery.   Hope you like him and your comments are welcome as always


  1. Another great one Lynn, Hope he makes it to Dayton


  2. Dayton, nuthin'!

    I just hope the poor guy makes it through the battle. That last arrow came "purty dern close":-)

    He's liable to have some words fer his recruiter, if'en he ever finds 'im agin!

  3. Lynn,
    Thanks for the waste not want not. His expression is spot on.


  4. Thanks Lynn,
    another great character. Please do a horse for us newbies?

  5. Lynn...His eyes tell it all.. You can just imagine what he's thinking. I can hear a long wheezy whimper....then bad word!!!!
    You're the greatest!!
    Still laughing, Mary Anne

  6. Great carving Lynn, you got the expression just right! I was looking in the Video Gallery and looked at the OutWest Gallery Tour (your first video). You mentioned you still needed to do Curly and his Girlfriend for the Oklahoma scene. That would be a good video and would kill 2 birds with one stone. If you haven't completed it. Just a thought for you next video. Thanks Again!

  7. Great job Lynn, i want to thank you and Judy for all your video's, just now trying to learn Caricature carving' all your video's.. bought few Harold Enlow books.going to Branson in 2 week for caricature carving Seminar.Harold Enlow,Ed Zinger, and Gerald Sears will be my instructors. new projects. how about Lone Ranger, double guns with alot of silver bullets..
    Again Lynn i want to thank you for all your help.. your a true Artist,

    Larry Youngblood

  8. Lynn, whatcha been doing.............

  9. Lynn and Judy, I hope everything is ok with you, I'm starting to get worried, haven't heard from you in a while. Do we need to send out a search party for you?
    Just teasing... hope all is well and hope to see you soon.