Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Cold Morning Cowboy

Brrrrr!  I don't envy this Buckaroo, having to face a day in the saddle checking the fence lines.  Hopefully he had a good breakfast and is wearing his woolies cause it's cold out there.  That's a stogie in his mouth.  He should know better!

This one also stands about 12" tall with a base made from an old fence post we have on the property.  I think it's Dogwood as they never seem to rot. 

Hope you like him. 


  1. Love this one. This would be a great video for you to share with us. I would like to see how you painted this one. It looks so real.

  2. Another great one Lynn and so very appropriate for the season. As always thanks to you and Judy for sharing your work and knowledge through video. Much appreciated!
    Ron B.

  3. Lynn, How do I say thank you loud enough? I have been teaching myself for many years now, reading all I can. Studying, etc. There are not any clubs near me. And your work and videos, and patience are truly an act of unselfish kindness. And great inspiration for me. I have learned from watching and listening to you. Marvin Melton. Tyler Tx.

  4. I think he's beautiful! I just love your creativeness, especially when it comes to the Cowboys! Many blessings Lynn!