Sunday, September 10, 2017

White Antelope

Yes...I know!  You're wondering where all the new video projects are.  Well, I've been busy trying to increase my inventory to where I'll have enough to show this week at the North West Arkansas show and next months Dayton exhibit.  Hopefully, once that's behind we can crank things up again.

Here's my latest, just off the table this morning.  To reflect the title he will have just a light dusting of snow.  I copied the base idea off of some bronze busts done by Dave McGary.  As the anchor for the carving is off center this type of base does it in a real clever way that only adds to the interest of the piece.  To get the curve of the hat brim I carved it as thin as I could get it without worrying if it would snap once I steamed it and bent it around a large coffee can.  A couple of strips
of rubber held it in place while it sat in the sun to dry for a couple of days.  Turned out really nice.  While this is a fairly simple piece detail wise it's really attractive and will be more so once it's painted and complete.

I hope you like it and your comments are welcome.


  1. Like the hat, like the blanket, like the attitude. Can't wait to see the colors!

  2. You'll own Dayton with carvings like these!!!