Saturday, March 05, 2016

Native American with Robe

I didn't get the braids done but I did manage to texture the robe, reduce the size of the nose and get the rifle case done.  I decided to do the case as it will contrast well against the dark robe and also allow some beading.  Also, I tried something new using some aluminum flashing to make tassels for the end of the case.  Once they are painted I will bend them to add a little more motion.  Might also add some kind of hanging detail on the butt end.  To me the rifle looks small but a Yellow Boy carbine measured 40" in length so it's in scale with the least I think it is.

To make the texture on the robe I used my old method of stoning it with a dremel bit and then torching the rough surface with a butane torch to remove the fuze.  Then a brushing with a small brass brush to finish up.  This method is much quicker than burning the entire areas with a pen and it gives a pretty good effect.

So, maybe tomorrow I can get those braids on and then come up with some kind of detail for the chest.

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  1. Wow this looks like so much fun! Also it really does look like you are passionate about this and a lot of care and love went into this