Thursday, June 25, 2015

Plains Warrior-The Color Begins

With the carving finished it's on the paint table and getting some color.  I spent a few hours this afternoon painting the shield and attaching the feather.  The design comes from a combination of several shields I photographed while at the Prairie Edge store in Rapid City, SD last fall.  It really turned out nice.  On the breast plate it was kind of boring so I made a small decoration out of a carved circle and then, using wire and beads, added some flourish to hang from the bottom  That did the trick.  There is also a knife in a beaded sheaf that hangs from the belt.  Thats next on the list to be painted.  


  1. All your research really pays off, both in the carving and the painting of your work. Looking fabulous.

  2. Looking good, as usual, you are going to have another amazing piece when done.