Saturday, April 11, 2015

Starbucks My Patootie!

Here's one I just finished this morning.  While I've done one similar to this before this one is much larger..standing almost 18" with the base.  I plan on a real neat apron design which should really make the carving.   Hope you like him.


  1. Absolutely love this guy! What a great facial expression. Perhaps in a future video you could do a bust with a similar facial expression and provide insight as to how to make such expressions. Just a thought. Another one of your great carvings -


  2. I agree , full of expression and caricature ! Love it, can't wait to see him finished ! Keep up the good work Lynn.

  3. 18 inches, impressive. You are slowly creeping up on my fantasy, a Lynn Doughty life-sized carving. Great job on him as usual.