Sunday, April 19, 2015

Problems, Always Problems

If you've been wondering why we've been so slow uploading new videos it's because our video processing software crapped out on us.  I finally gave up after the fourth try yesterday and, using money from the Tip Jar, ordered the latest version and finally got these last two posted.  Hopefully the problem has been solved.  If all goes as they say it will we will be getting  fiber optic cable service mid-year.  What normally now takes 4-5 hours of uploading time for a 15 minute video should be reduced to about 10 minutes, at least we hope so.


  1. Ah those technical problems are frustrating. I hate when my picture galleries do not load properly. I have figured out a way around it, but new software would probably solve most of it.

    Still love the blog, I keep checking in from time to time. Love the vids as well.

  2. I sure hate to see you having to deal with technical issues. It seems that always show up when you least expect them to and are always frustrating. When you get fiber it will probably be like going from dial-up to DSL for you. Even though you have to deal with technical issues and slow uploads, I, wish to reiterate that the videos you and Judy produce are very educational and inspiring. So, thanks again for all your efforts.