Friday, March 06, 2015

Carving a Native American Bust - Part 5

In the link below you can find out just about everything there is about the Native American Breast Plate and especially Hair Pipes.  Really a great source.

Carving a Native American Bust - Part 5 from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.


  1. Coming together nicely. Thanks for the link. As always I really enjoy your videos. Thanks Ginny

  2. As always Lynn, you keep it interesting as well as informative. I am learning more about carving from your videos and the dialogue about all aspects of the history of the old west. You definitely keep it interesting.
    Dwight Hunter

  3. Really enjoying this series Lynn, very informative I'm learning a lot as usual. I particularly liked the base you have for the boots, adds a interesting finishing touch, I will remember that for a future carving !! Keep up the good work. Trev