Monday, January 12, 2015

Here's A New Challenge!

Okay..... I'll probably be sued for copyright infringement but what the hell!  I saw this cartoon over the weekend and thought "Wow!  That would make a great carving!"  So I thought again ( I do think sometimes, but not as much as I used to!) why not make it a Blog challenge and invite others to join in?

So here it is.....You can interpret this cartoon in any way you want, i.e., change the pose, do a bottle stopper, a bust, or full figure.  The size is up to you. No problem with adding or removing items as long as the central part of the figure, head and body, remain the same.  While this cartoon is tied to the recent horrible events in Paris, France you can relate it to any other statement you'd prefer but you must tie it to something and also come up with a humorous title. Also, it has to be a figure in the round, not a raised panel carving.

Let's set a time limit of 2 weeks to complete your piece.  So next Monday send me your photo(s) and I'll post them and we'll all vote for the one we think best.  For myself I will not participate in the challenge but will carve my own figure.  The winner will be awarded a Hearty Handshake, Pat on the Back, enduring Fame and a seat next to me should I get dragged into court.

So, what do you think?  Are you up for it?


  1. 2 weeks it's is..... So photos need to be posted no later then Jan 26 ..correct?.

  2. Thanks for the very well presented and filmed tutorial videos. I will access your them from your blog site as you requested in the canoe video. I did my first figure carving (a cowboy) after watching a Gene Messer video, but it wound up with a lot more detail than the usual flat plane carvings, more in line with what you are doing detail wise. I am aware of most of the mistakes I made on this one after watching your videos, but I was pleased enough with results to continue with this kind of work. doing as soon as I can do something. I love the details and so I will continue learning from you. I probably won't be doing cowboys as I feel so many are already doing that, so I will try to come with something of my own. "here": is my first ever figure carving. Thanks again and keep up the great work.