Friday, June 21, 2013

The Coal Miner - Part 14 - Finishing Up The Legs

Spent the morning out in the field mowing to beat the heat but it was still HOT! It's was nice to get into the shop where it's nice and cool. In this segment we pretty well finish up the legs and get ready to move up the trunk in the next one.

Part 14 -Finishing The Legs from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.


  1. I enjoy watching you carve. To bad you live so far away. Watching you in person would be a thrill.
    I can see I'm just starching the surface in learning this Craft. You are a master for sure. Ginny

  2. Watching you carve (or any other carver for that matter) is good in that it makes me think about each cut you make...what would I do here? What is next? I learn by observing and trying to second guess your next move. It pleases me that I can anticipate many of your cuts and why. I enjoy seeing the wood come to life in your hand....thanks for sharing this with us all. Today is the first day of that Eastern Oklahoma heat is just starting to ramp up. I love the countryside over there, but hate the humidity, the ticks, and the chiggers. Other than that we probably would live in your neck of the woods (actually a bit south of you) alongside the wife's relatives. I would love to be near fishing again, but have settled in here at my boyhood home area and am stubbornly sticking put. Enjoy the greenery there and remember the tick repellent.

  3. I learn so much with every video you do, just the little things like turning up the front of the boots! I wouldn't have ever thought of that but it's those little touches that make a carving!! You make it all look so easy and I know it's not, but I'm getting better with one I do. Thank you both for giving me the confidence and advice I need to improve my carving. Keep up the good work. Trev