Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Old One

Here is the newest piece just off the carving bench.  Stands a little over 12" tall with the base.  Should be pretty colorful once painted.  I gave him some hammered brass earrings which I've painted gold.  Still have to add some wire ties to his shell choker which should finish the piece but will do that once it's painted.

Still sticking to my plan of carving a Native American, then a Cowboy then back to an Indian.  They can't say I don't believe in equal opportunity!   Next up is a sour faced wrangler informing all who enter the museum show that they'd better keep their hands off the carvings or he'll have to put the sign down and possibly do some damage.   Completed the head yesterday at our weekly carving and B.S. session downtown and he's looking pretty nasty!

Oh.....if you haven't see it yet, check out the neat write-up about my upcoming show at Woolaroc in the latest High Noon eMagazine Smoke Signals.  You can find it at:  It's under the "In The News" section.   Have to thank my friends James and Tammy over in Harrison, Arkansas for submitting it to them.   High Noon is probably the largest dealer of western artifacts and memorabilia in the U.S. and also a great research site.  

We stopped by the Museum on our way home from Colorado last week and had a long conversation with the Director.  Even got a tour through one of the back storage rooms which was really neat.  Saw a model Chuck Wagon which made me humble but the really great thing was when he  handed me a bronze off of a dusty shelf and said "Here's a Charlie Russell!"   Me, standing there holding a Russell bronze!  It doesn't get any better than that!


  1. Great carving as usual. I like his sly grin...that dude is happy about something.Your trademark paint should really look good on him. My wife is from Oklahoma (Tulsa in fact), so I have absorbed a bit of OK. history and culture through the years. There is more to OK history than cowboy and Indians, so not to criticize your plan of alternating cowboy, then Indian...but have you thought of throwing in the occasional oilman/roughneck/driller who had a huge impact on the state? Not to mention that Frank Phillips was an oilman...just a thought. Or maybe a sodbuster, or of course a Sooner....just a thought. I love your cowboys and Indians, but the other characters you do are great also, and some of them really stand out in your collection by virtue of being a bit different. Whatever you carve is great, of course..just my initial thoughts when I read the current blog post. Again, outstanding job on the Old One.

  2. You must of been like a kid in a candy store.

  3. I would never have know who Charlie Russell was until I started learning from your blog and educational videos. It truly is a great thing you do. I thank you for that. I hope to see you at Dayton again this year. Rick Proud to own the Road Agent.