Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Grinch

I started this one this morning which I'll put in the Silent Auction at the Dayton show in a week or so.  The theme this year is a holiday one so he ought to fit somewhere in that area.  Should be a crowd least I hope so.  Hope you like him.


  1. Nice. My wife says I better bid on that when I go to Dayton as she just loves the Grinch. I say humbug!
    See you in Dayton.

  2. Nice to hear from you...has been a while since you posted on the blog so you must really be busy getting ready for the show. I like the Grinch, he looks mean and nasty...must be before his heart got bigger. He should be a good auction item at Dayton. Wish I could make it to Dayton, one of these years I will go visit my relatives in that part of the country at the right time and make the show. Hope you do really well in the competition..I predict a first in caricature human for you. Have a great Thanksgiving over there in your part of this wonderful world.

  3. Most Excellent Lynn!

    Can you tell us the approximate size? I presume that the Grinch is a full 'in the round' carving and not a deep relief carving.

    Thanks for posting. I've been suffering withdrawals...chuckling.