Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Native American Woman & Papoose – Part 15

It’s time to start applying some color to this lady.  This video is rather long…37 minutes, but some of you out there ask me to really go into the painting aspect of carving so I’ll try and do it with this one.   If I sound a little preachy at times I don’t mean to, just want to give you as much info as possible.  Here we go………


  1. such an artist at work, she looks absolutely fantastic. best looking indian woman around. thanks for all your hard work.

  2. simply exciting :)

    Thanks Lynn

  3. Another great vedio Lynn and Judy..I love the sounds also..the birds happily singing the horses talking to the mule...and people going on their way.. GREAT!!
    There is a book called "Convert It". that will tell you how to make a color that is no longer made or you can't find...It's a must have for artist that use acrylics...

  4. It is both inspiring and frustrating to watch you paint. the inspiration is in seeing your excellent brush control and mastry of technique...the frustration is that I have neither of those atributes. I know you have been doing it for about 25-30+ years longer than me (or even more possibly), but that just makes me wish I had started this hobby sooner. I can only hope that some of your mastery rubs off the video and onto me, and I think that at least a litte of it is coming throught. I enjoy all your videos, and thanks again to you and Judy for continung to post them for us to learn from.

  5. Very informative especially about the differing absorbtion rate of wood areas. TNX

    What is that on the bill of your hat?