Saturday, May 07, 2011

Native American Woman & Papoose – Part 14

Finished!   With the carving anyway.  Now it’s off to the paint table to see if we can brighten her up a bit.


  1. She looks better every episode. I really like the way the bead-work looks when painted, it makes the carving jump up and grab your attention. Loking forward to seeing you paint the bead-work in upcoming videos, Thanks for sharing your skill with us.

  2. Very nice Lynn. This head turned out great. I like it far better than the first. The features are a little more feminine.
    Very nice series. You got me hooked like an old lady watching her soaps :)

    looking forward to seeing her all painted. I can see the bright colours already

  3. Another great video. Thanks again Lynn and Judy,and Happy Mother's Day, Judy. BTY, Judy I know the little tugs of Lynn's hair is loving tugs....LOL
    Mary Anne in SC

  4. A wonderful video, a great carving, with so much learning. She looks so happy, and I can only imagine how proud she is standing, with her baby. Lynn you are incredible. Your instruction is easy to understand, and I thank you so much for your time spent on this. I will try one myself soon. Thanks again, and Happy Mothers day Judy, and a great camera job. fred k

  5. Excellent Lynn... and I know just what Glenn is feeling... ("Very nice series. You got me hooked like an old lady watching her soaps :)"), you do this to me with every video. And many thanks too for Judy your faithful camera lady... You go girl!

    And a Happy Mothers Day to you.