Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gabby Hayes Bust – Part 5 – Finishing Up The Head & Laying Out The Torso

With this segment we wrap up the head and decide on the type of torso we want.   I’ve placed the drawing for the body I carved in the Gallery Album but there’s certainly no reason you couldn’t develop or design your own.   In the video I give several examples of what is possible.
I’ve decided not to show a video of the actual carving process of the torso as I think it’s easy enough that if you’ve carved the head you can certainly carve the body. 
Up next will be the hat which should be fun as I think the hat will make the carving truly the character we’re trying to capture.  As always, comments are welcome and if you have a question just drop me a comment.


  1. Thanks again Lynn!!!

    I have a request, rather than a question... Would you please take a still photo of the bust portion of the carving and post it beside the sketch for the torso? I was expecting a collar or an edge to the vest and would like to see how you carved the vest.

    Thanks again to you and Judy!


  2. Another great video....and thank you, thank you, thank you...Now I understand how you do the back of the ear..You are a GREAT TEACHER..and thanks Judy!!!
    Mary Anne :)

  3. Your wish is my command. Will post photos of the piece so far.

  4. I see that you indented below the cheeks bones like you do some times, I don't remember that being shown in the last part but hey I can't remember what I walk into another room for.

    Tell Judy don't be afraid to speak up in the videos, she is everybodies favorite camera woman!!!!

    Thank you both,

  5. Lynn, what size hole did you drill in the bust, I tried 3/8" and it looks way to small, also I drilled it out before cutting it out, is that right?

    Have fun with the grandkids!!!

    Thank you

  6. Deb: I never drill the neck hole until the torso is almost finished or at least I can see some of the detail. I then drill a 3/8" hole and then carve it and the neck to get the look I want. There is no hard fast rule about this part of the just do what needs to be done.

  7. Lynn,
    I am nuts about getting into caricature carving and ran across your videos. They are absolutely the BEST teaching tool a student could want. I followed closely through your videos last night and carved for well over 7 hours. When I went to bed, I had a head carved that looked similar to your cowboy head (with no beard). I learned a ton, though I have a long, long way to go. I understand that some people are copying your style; I am only doing this to amp up my learning curve. It is my hope that my carving will develop it's own style as I follow your coaching. I would never want my carvings to be mistaken as yours... as if I could ever get even close to as good as you! Ha!! Keep up the good work.
    PS: My carved head turned out a bit too thick and looked wierd. I had already carved the ears and had kind of a mess thinning down the head. Do you have any advice on shaping/rounding the head and getting the basic dimensions right (before the detail is added), or is this just experience working on them?
    Thanks for all you do!!!!