Friday, October 27, 2006

Charlie Red Hawk

Who says carvings of Native Americans are always frowning? Charlie Red Hawk ought to help put those thoughts to rest. He's a good natured fella on his way to the Ottawa Stomp Dance being help at the new dance grounds outside of Wyandotte, OK. The old grounds are being replaced by another Casino. Maybe that's why he's smiling. They say those casinos are "Red Man's Revenge".

There are photos of Charlie naked and then decked out in all his colors. He really turned out good. I love painting Indians as you can add just about as much color as you want and it all looks good. I've used this basic blanket-wrapped body shape over and over and it always looks different than the last time. I really like the crumpled hat as it gives him a lot of character.


  1. Great carving & painting yet again. Give us a hint as to the number of hours spent just on the painting....Thanks for showing....Myron

  2. Thanks for your comment Myron. I spent about three days painting Charlie. I always paint the head first as that gives me a good picture of the total attitude of the piece. When doing Charlie I placed his painted head on the body and base and saw that his eyes needed to be "re-aimed" to get the best look for the piece. So...back to the painting table to change his view of the world.

    As I wet the body before I apply any paint once the figure is completely painted I let it set for a couple days before applying any varnish. Don't want to seal in any excess moisture.

  3. Lynn, Fantastic job, when carving Charlie, pertaining to the body, was this piece also carved with one seperate arm, then attached, or on this piece, was the body all one solid piece? By the way, great details all around, especially my eyes are drawn instantly to the leather trim on his right shoulder.

  4. Bill....Yes, the arm is attached. I did it that way as I wanted to make sure the blanked under the arm was painted without getting any slop over on the other parts of the body. I do this a lot if the arm is conflicting with something else. Right now I'm working on a cowboy holding a lasso under his arm. As the lasso is made from metal the only way I could get it in there and have it looking good was to actually have the arm hold it in place. Will post a photo of this one later.

  5. Hi Lynn,

    This is Glyn Roe. I'm still trying to send pics to you and an email to the address you gave me. Don't know if you have received them. Please return answer to I'm not sure if I had your address correct.


  6. You know I am quite intrigued by the Indians and their culture.maybe next time you could post about that it will be really informative for me and may be good for your blog as well.